The John M. Kirkpatrick, Sr. Citizenship Awards Program was

Friday, May 21, 2004

Here are some historic photographs of past activities

during this annual event


Civil Rights Rally

(Standing Center L to R): John M. Kirkpatrick Sr. and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., along with other ministers and civil rights leaders

Political Rally

(L to R): John M. Kirkpatrick Sr., President John F. Kennedy and Ester Saverson, East St. Louis Paramount Democratic Organization


Annual Crusader Mother of the Year Awards Banquet

(Seated): Marion E. Officer, President, Officer Funeral Home
(Standing): Joe W. Lewis Sr.


(L to R): Keith Lewis, Joe W. Lewis Sr. and Joe W. Lewis Jr.

National Newspaper Publisher's Association

(3rd from L): John M. Kirkpatrick Sr., Publisher, East St. Louis Crusader Newspaper
(7th from L): Howard B. Woods, Publisher, St. Louis Sentinel Newspaper John Senstack, Publisher, Chicago Defender Newspaper and other members


Mr. Kirkpatrick being honored as Man of the Year


(L to R): Dr. Arthur M. Jackson, President, School District No. 189,

St. Clair County State's Attorney John Hoban, former Mayor Alvin G. Fields,

Myrtle Officer, Vice President, Officer Funeral Home,

unknown person, John M. Kirkpatrick Sr. holding his son John Jr. and Ester Saverson,

East St. Louis Paramount Democratic Organization

East St. Louis Ministerial Alliance


(L to R): Rev. James Clayborne Sr., Pastor, Mt. Pieron Baptist Church,


Rev. E. Theopolis Caviness, Pastor, St. Paul Baptist Church,


John M. Kirkpatrick Sr., Rev. W. B. Rouse, Pastor, Mt. Zion Baptist Church,


Rev. Horace Begley, Pastor, Macedonia Baptist Church and


Rev. Henry Nicholson, Pastor, Truelight Baptist Church


Pro Eight Social Civics Club

(Standing L to R): Ann Jordan, Brenda Brooks, John M. Kirkpatrick Sr., Donnell Curry Jr.,

Robert Yandle, Harry Tharpe, Katie Wright, Clyde C. Jordan, Calvin Fearn and Roosevelt Brown
(Seated L to R): Faye Tharpe, Sylvia Yandle, Curtis Louise Paradise, Shirley Garrett and unknown person